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  • Community Channel

    Stay up-to-date on local elections, New York politics, and community issues with our Community channel.

    • TWC34
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  • Lifestyle Channel

    Exercise your mind, body, and palate with entertainment and lifestyle programming for New Yorkers with interests as diverse as our city.

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  • Spirit Channel

    Our Spirit channel broadcasts varied religious and philosophical services, lectures, and discussions for all faiths and worldviews.

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  • Culture Channel

    Multi-lingual programming that covers the arts, politics, and global news for all of Manhattan’s diverse communities.

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October 17, 2014 3:58 PM

Clip of the Week: "The Vinny Vella Show"

Check out this Clip of the Week from "The Vinny Vella Show," a weekly talk show featuring none other than Vinny Vella—actor, director, and...
October 17, 2014 3:09 PM Community Media, News and Views, Programming Highlights

Saturday on "INSIDE NEW YORK": TV News Exclusive with Legendary Director Michael Schultz

Tomorrow, Saturday, October 18th, MNN's "INSIDE NEW YORK" salutes the work of Michael Schultz, the legendary theater, film and TV director...
October 16, 2014 2:04 PM Community Media, MNN Youth Channel, News and Views

YC Spotlight: #PeoplesClimateMarch

Up next on YC Spotlight: #PeoplesClimateMarch-- the strong>MNN Youth Channel's (YC) awesome coverage of the largest climate-change march...
October 16, 2014 11:41 AM Community Media, News and Views, Programming Highlights

Anthony Weiner, Christina Greer and Other Experts Featured in Special Election Panels Premiering This Sunday on "Represent NYC"

*UPDATED* MNN is pleased to release its two-part series "Represent NYC: Special Election Edition" on Vimeo. Watch the episodes now (and...
October 15, 2014 10:30 AM News and Views, Programming Highlights

Domestic Violence Awareness on This Sunday's "Represent NYC"

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and current statistics show that nationwide, 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men will experience some...