The show is about having fun and making interviews with artists and people from all walks of life.


Interview with Acting Teacher, Lola Cohen

This is a fascinating interview with Lola Cohen. She is an acting coach who travels all over the world teaching the craft. In this interview she shared her experiences studying with Lee Strasberg. She is a very smart woman who loves acting and her students from all over the world.

Le Vie Pure Cast.

This is an interview with the director and cast of this amazing film that takes place in 1949. A french explorer goes on a solitary expedition in the Amazon forest. Here we shared the experience with director, Jeremy Banster and actors, Stany Coppet and Aurelien Recoing<

Interview at the Chelsea Film Festival Red Carpet 2015

This show was an invitation from my Dear Elizabeth Kemp to the red carpet of this festival. Here I shared some interviews with filmmaker Cedric Godin and Elizabeth Kemp. The conversation was all about Cedris film. PTSD. Both guests were insightful. Kemp was an extraordinary figure in my life. She...