Represent NYC: Council Member Carlina Rivera

August 18, 2019

New York City Housing Authority, commonly referred to as NYCHA, has housed millions of New York residents since it was founded in 1934. Today, it is the largest public housing system in the nation–but is it the best?

Over the past few decades, civilians residing in NYCHA buildings have had an incredible amount of issues. Tenants have become frustrated with the lack of heat during the winter, no running water all year-round, and even lack of maintenance, which has resolved to multiple protests at City Hall. Will tenants finally be heard with Gregory Russ as the new NYCHA Chairman?

Represent NYC, guest-host Carlina Rivera, Council Member for District 2, is joined by Alicka Ampry-Samuel, NYC Council Member and Chair of the Council’s Public Housing Committee; Julian Morales, Director of Organizing at Good Old Lowers East Side (GOLES); and Victor Bach, Senior Housing Policy Analyst at Community Services Society (CSS) to discuss the future of NYCHA under the new Chairman.

Aired August 18th, 2019.

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