Raising the Bar: NYC Charter Revisions

December 8, 2019

The New York City Charter is the local constitution in NYC, it creates a structure for City government. The Charter establishes the key institutions such as budget, planning, zoning, contracting, collective bargaining, and land use processes for the City.

A Charter Revision Commission, submitted a draft of proposed revisions to the city voters for approval in November. On this week’s Raising the Bar with the MBBA , hosts Jason Clark, president of the MBBA and Adeola Adejobi along with guest Attorney John Owens discuss what these new provisions are and how will they affect New Yorkers.

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Raising the Bar with the MBBA

Co-hosts Jason Clark, President of the Metropolitan Black Bar Association (MBBA), Attorney Adeola Adejobi, and their guests discuss legal issues facing the African American community.

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