Imagining the Long-Distance Truth Telling of Randy Credico

December 12, 2021

Our guest today on the Radical Imagination is Randy Credico.  Randy is what Cornel West has in mind when he refers to people who are long distance runners for peace and justice.  We first met as defendants at a Stop Stop and Frisk 2011 civil disobedience protest action.  At the subsequent trial in 2012, Randy loosened us all up during court breaks as he masterfully and playfully used his political satire and wit, bantering with the press, the lawyers, the courtroom audience and doing spot-on impersonations of politicians, including the judge.

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The Radical Imagination looks at radical alternatives of what the United States could be like, offering a safe space in which people can discuss what they imagine in order to transform the criminal justice system, economic system, political system, etc.; understanding that the same issues that...

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