Siblings Never to be Forgotten: Terrorism on September 11,

October 17, 2021

Ever feel that your sibling loss has been discounted? Join Dr. Heidi Horsley and her guests Jim Glaccone and Cathie Omg-Herrera who both had siblings murdered on 9/11.  Allthough it has been 20 years each continues to honor their siblings, Cathie through the Betty Ann Ong Foundation and Jim by serving on the board of Tuesday’s Children and leading tours at the 9/11 Tribute Museum.

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The award-winning TV series, "Open to Hope," hosted by Dr. Gloria Horsley and Dr. Heidi Horsley. Each episode will to introduce you to people who have suffered loss and again found hope. Open to Hope is the largest online grief resource in the world with over 1 million visitors a year; we invite you...

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