"The Neighborhood” takes viewers on a behind the scenes look at some of the most influential neighborhoods throughout the country. Each 1/2 hour episode delves into what makes that neighborhood one of a kind featuring local celebrities to famous history, recreation, and eateries. From NYC to Kentucky, the stories are shared straight from the locals who live them, and the local businesses that keep their communities thriving; giving viewers the chance to live like a local- not just a visitor.


Neighborhoods featured this season include: Nashville, Broadway NYC,Memphis, Huntsville, The Hamptons, Philadelphia, Bowling Green, Annapolis, Katonah, Franklin, Outer Banks, West Village, and Hoboken. 


Destinations and interviews include: , Graceland, Broadway insiders spot Sardis, Vince Gill & The Time Jumpers , Sun Studio, The Constitution Center, Bluebird Cafe, Corvette Museum, The U.S. Space and Rocket Museum and much more! 


Our show exhibits first hand that we may live differently in different neighborhoods throughout the country, but there is a common thread that binds us all and that's the feeling of community and knowing we are apart of something bigger than just ourselves. Our viewers get an inside personal look at each neighborhood, each episode we learn, grow, laugh, and live like a local-not just a visitor.


Welcome to the neighborhood -where you are always welcome . 



We take a behind the scenes look at Nashville, TN and discovermusic really does feed the soul. Featuring interviews with Vince Gill & The Time Jumpers,the Loveless Cafe, and the Bluebird Cafe.


We explore Hoboken and learn all about the charm of this famous neighborhood. Starting out the daywith the "Mozzeralla Boss" we learn how to make mozzeralla from the king himself. From there we learn more aboutthe history of Hoboken and its famous residents including the late Frank Sinatra. We end...

Theatre District

We explore Broadway! From the VIP Broadway spot Sardis to Don't Tell Mama Cabaret we get a backstage pass to Broadway!


We explore Huntsville, Alabama! First stop the world famous US Space & Rocket Center. From space adventure to ghost tours we explore the haunted spots in downtown Huntsville. We end our day with a sweet slice of the Alabama original- pecan pie.

The Neighborhood- Memphis

We explore Memphis, Tn! The Birthplace of Rock n' Roll, we take an insiders look at the Sun studio, then Graceland and end our day with some famous Memphis BBQ.


We explore Franklin, TN. Known as one of the best small towns in America we explore Franklin with a hot air balloon ride , an historic tour Downtown , and we end with some famous southern cooking!


We take a behind the scenes look at Philadelphia, with exclusive interviews with the locals. Featuring the declaration center, the establishment that created the first cheesesteak, and one of the oldest bars in the country.