Gay USA 9/1/2021

September 2, 2021

∎ March on Washington for voting rights highlights peril our democracy is in. And the US Supreme Court lets an abortion ban go into effect in Texas—overturning Roe v. Wade without even writing an opinion.   ∎ Big win for trans student activist Gavin Grimm. But a setback for trans students elsewhere in Virginia and in Florida.   ∎ Students at a Colorado Christian school walk out in support of fired gay coach.   ∎ California’s vote on Gavin Newsom comes down to the wire and LGBTQ rights are on the line.   ∎ We mourn the loss of pioneering lesbian deaf activist, Barbara Kannapell.   ∎ In Bangladesh, six sentenced to death in the assassination of two gay activists.   ∎ Trans actor Alexandra Billings takes on the transphobia of producer Cameron Mackintosh.

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Gay USA is a weekly news program recorded in the Manhattan Neighborhood Network Studios, that deals with gay, lesbian and LGBT issues and is hosted by longtime gay rights activists and journalists Andy Humm and Ann Northrop.

The hour-long program includes coverage of local, national and...

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Gay USA 9/15/2021

Carl Nassib is a football hero; Lil Nas X is a winner at the Video Music Awards. ∎ California retains their pro-LGBTQ governor. ∎ The fired president of HRC charges board with racial bias. ∎ We mourn the loss of Black, gay and AIDS activist Archbishop Carl Bean and Episcopal Bishop John Shelby Spong...

Gay USA 8/25/2021

Alabama Mayor stands up for LGBTQ+ rights; cute new Australian lesbian teen movie.  ∎ Alabama mayor ready to send business to rival city after his Council nixes human rights bill. ∎ In Utah, a lesbian couple on a camping trip were found murdered. ∎ A rainbow flag desecrated in New York and raised in...

Gay USA 8/18/2021

First out gay Ambassador James Hormel dies; Pete and Chasten Buttigieg become parents. ∎ We mourn the losses of James C. Hormel, our first out gay US ambassador, and Paulette Goodman who served PFLAG for almost 40 years. ∎ President Biden names two LGBTQ activists with disabilities to a federal...

Gay USA 8/11/2021

Cuomo scandal ensnares 2 LGBTQ leaders; more LGBTQ triumphs at Tokyo Olympics. ∎ President Biden makes more big LGBTQ appointments. ∎ The Andrew Cuomo scandal ensnares two LGBT leaders. ∎ At a Brooklyn grade school, the kids’ mural quoting Audre Lorde is destroyed by school officials. ∎ At the...

Gay USA 08/04/2021

Tons of LGBTQ+ Olympic medal winners; hero lesbian teen in Kansas. ∎ The White House welcomes trans women of color and makes more LGBTQ appointments to the administration. ∎ Disgraced NY Governor Andrew Cuomo says that he kisses men, too. ∎ LGBTQ elected officials increase especially among Black...

Gay USA 7/28/2021

LGBT Olympians shine in Tokyo; major lesbian artist Louise Fishman dies. ∎ Democrats stop anti-trans bill in Louisiana. Plus court wins in FL and CO on LGBTQ issues.   ∎ Civil Rights leaders picket AZ Sen. Sinema’s support for the Jim Crow filibuster. ∎ In L.A., Ed Buck convicted of killing two...