Gay USA 5/20/2020

May 21, 2020

Trans Navy officer gets waiver to serve; new HIV prevention drug just requires injection every 8 weeks. ∎ Joe Biden marks the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia. ∎ Thomas Sokolowski, museum exec and gay and AIDS activist, has died at 70. ∎ Maryland school district launches course in LGBTQ studies. ∎ Costa Rica opens marriage to same-sex couples.  ∎ 19 LGBT people held for 50 days in Uganda jail ordered released.  ∎ PRIDELAND on LGBT life in the South bowing online on PBS Voices

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In the news with Ann and Andy (taped 5-27-20):

∎ Gay USA guest co-host and bird watcher Chris Cooper tries to get a woman in Central Park to put her dog on a leash and she calls the cops on him, saying an African American man was threatening her. Chris is OK but it did not end well for her.


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LGBTs step up at the Democratic Convention; HIV+ Mark Milano wins his discrimination lawsuit against a doctor. ∎ Federal judge blocks anti-transgender Trump rule. ∎ Democrats put diversity front and center at convention. ∎ Alex Morse fights anti-gay smear in campaign to unseat US Representative...