Gay USA 12/1/2021

December 2, 2021

We’ve lost Stephen Sondheim and several great LGBTQ activists; trans woman Amy Schneider is a big Jeopardy champion. ∎ We mourn the losses of Stephen Sondheim; Phil Saviano; Maria Perez; and Rev. Jerry Sloan.   ∎ A breakthrough for non-binary people in Atlanta. ∎ A gay nurse and activist, Damian Dymka, 29, killed by an off-duty cop in NJ. ∎ A bi teacher in Michigan resigns when told to take down a pride flag. ∎ Progress in Chile, Holland, Bangladesh, Germany, Botswana, and Sweden. Trouble in Hungary, Honduras, Australia, and Russia. ∎ Andy reviews the new film version of “West Side Story.”

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Gay USA is a weekly news program recorded in the Manhattan Neighborhood Network Studios, that deals with gay, lesbian and LGBT issues and is hosted by longtime gay rights activists and journalists Andy Humm and Ann Northrop.

The hour-long program includes coverage of local, national and...

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