Clip of the Week: Feminist Global Advocacy

When we look towards feminist icons, often their perspectives are clouded and focused only on those who have the greatest access to capital, and those with the largest platforms. The panelists of the Feminist Global Advocacy recognize the women struggling in the margins, beyond Hollywood actresses with millionaire paychecks, that are often forgotten in conversations, leading to an oversight in policy and funding. These women are the most at risk and in need of protections, and how there is no global crisis that is not a feminist issue.
This Clip of the Week marks the start of Women's History Month, a time when our most celebrated female figures are being lauded, and the many hardworking women who have toiled in obscurity are brought to the spotlight. In Feminist Global Advocacy, this panel featuring Radhika Balakrishnan of Rutgers University Center for Women’s Leadership, Ejim Dike of U.S. Human Rights Network, Sanam Naraghi-Anderlini of International Civil Society Action Network (ICAN), and Andrea Arroyo, a visual artist and cultural advocate, talks about the continuous struggle for basic human rights for women as they are denied education and autonomy globally, and the women and girls most at risk for disenfranchisment who must be supported. This panel, filmed amidst the spectacle of the 2016 American Presidential campaign, noted that many issues concerning women were being swept under the rug in favor of sensationalism, and women at large are now being affected by the current administration's agenda to take power away from them. Watch the full episode now.
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