Chris Gethard Presents 303: "Sandwich Night 9: Hobbs & Slaw"

December 4, 2019

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CHRIS GETHARD PRESENTS is a weekly television program curated by Chris Gethard. This project is an opportunity for him to showcase some of his favorite comedians, artists, and filmmakers on a weekly basis with a rotating slot. Each week, Chris will hand off a live hour of television to someone who he thinks is doing funny, unique stuff. Maybe the host is cut from an odd cloth and isn't getting that mainstream rub that they deserve. Maybe they ARE getting that momentum going but still need a home for their most experimental, batshit ideas.

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Chris Gethard Presents

The Christ Getherd show ran on MNN until 2020.

Watch Chris Gethard return to his public access roots with a no-holds-barred comedy showcase. 


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