"Celebrity Showcase" is a variety show honoring music, young talent and new innovators. "Celebrity Showcase" is a performance-oriented youth show, which is viewed by an audience of all ages. The historical content serves as a plateau for the forgotten artists. "Celebrity Showcase" highlights new videos, as well as legendary performances. Other segments include Harlem Stoop Talk, GOTM(Girls/Guys On the Move) a youth hosted segment, Hip-Hop Cook off the Hook show featuring hip-hop artist promoting great prepared meals, as well as the talent of HTMAD (Hands That Make a Difference) a youth program that caters to youth 5-24. Celebrity Showcase welcomes donations of clothing, music and would love to have more comics, emcees, poets, singers, producers and athletes as guest/host. Feel free to promote yourself 347-7035307 Send music (clean version) darlenereneelewis@yahoo.com Visit literaryladiesbooktour.com to read books by Darlene and go on book tour.

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