The Ticking Clock to Criminalization

April 14, 2019

Rob DeLeon, Associate Vice President of Programs at The Fortune Society interviews Ann-Marie Louison, Chief Strategic Initiatives Officer at the Center for Alternative Sentencing and Employment Services (CASES); and Nancy Ginsburg, Director of Adolescent Intervention and Diversion Project at The Legal Aid Society.
Together they will discuss the varying ages of adulthood in the context of what we’ve learned about brain formation, consequential thinking, and rational decision-making relative to age. And they will touch upon whether the age of adulthood in New York State should be raised and whether or not there should be more community intervention before police involvement. The show concludes by encouraging viewers to remember that our young people are our country’s future – whether or not they’ve made mistakes – and investing resources to ensure successful pathways forward for all young people will yield a worthwhile return on investment.

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Both Sides of the Bars

Both Sides of the Bars is a discussion driven show that examines the criminal justice system from various perspectives, including those most impacted by the Criminal Justice System.  It discusses critical questions about how the current system works, its intersections with Social Justice and...

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