2019 Year In Review: Criminal Justice Reform And Beyond - Part I

January 12, 2020

2019 has been a year of change within the Criminal Justice Reform movement. In this episode, executive leaders who have been directly impacted will participate in Both Sides of the Bars’ 2019 year-in-review of changes that have occurred within the criminal legal system, the criminal justice reform movement, and what lies ahead. The Fortune Society’s Andre Ward hosts guests Julio Medina, founder and CEO, Exodus Transitional Community; DeAnna R. Hoskins, president and CEO, JustLeadershipUSA; Vivian D. Nixon, executive director of College and Community Fellowship; and Stanley Richards, executive VP of The Fortune Society.

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Both Sides of the Bars

Both Sides of the Bars is a discussion driven show that examines the criminal justice system from various perspectives, including those most impacted by the Criminal Justice System.  It discusses critical questions about how the current system works, its intersections with Social Justice and...

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