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Nat Wood hosts a dynamic "live" talk show that offers engaging and provocative dialogue with its audience.

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Gay USA 6/3/2020

Black, gay activist DeRay Mckesson on the protests; NYC gay activist beaten by police. ∎ In the wake of the police murder of George Floyd, a week of Black Lives Matter protests nationwide and a federal government turning on its own people. We will speak with DeRay Mckesson: educator, civil rights...

Imagining An End to Judicial Misconduct

 Host Jim Vrettos receives guest Manuel Gomez, Black-Ops Private Investigator and Activist.  Gomez describes his experience with the legal system in NYS, exposing the corruption among judges and district attorneys that is putting innocent people in jail while the corrupt ones get promotions.  But...

Punto de Vista | Mayo 28, 2020

Carlos Cabrera tiene como invitada a la Productora Ejecutiva del programa, Zenaida Mendez.  Juntos conversan sobre los servicios virtuales de MNN, la jornada electoral que se aproxima, los efectos de la pandemia del COVID-19, entre otros temas.