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Become an MNN Sponsor

MNN offers sponsors a unique opportunity to align with award-winning, diverse, hyperlocal content in an environment where brands stand out from the competition.

Support of MNN builds brands and awareness. With diverse content, multiplatform opportunities, loyal viewers, and a hyperlocal audience, an MNN sponsorship is a winning strategy for your brand or campaign.

Interested in knowing more about MNN sponsorships? We’re here to help! Let’s connect to discuss how we can work together to create a sponsorship package that meets your marketing goals. 

Call Emily Miller, Director of Development & Marketing at 212-757-2670 ext 352 or email emilymiller[at] to get started.

Sponsorship FAQs

What kinds of sponsorship packages does MNN offer?

We will partner with you to create a sponsor package to meet your goals.

  • Multiplatform packages, which include linear cable TV, podcasts, social posts, blog posts,and more
  • Quarterly, bi-annual, and annual sponsorship packages
  • General sponsorships not tied to specific programming
  • Sponsorships of MNN produced series

Contact us for details, availability, and rates.

What is MNN's reach?

MNN is available on cable TV in over 400,000 households across New York City via Spectrum, RCN/Astound, and Verizon/FIOS.

MNN programs are live-streamed and available online and on mobile devices via and via MNN's social media channels, including two Facebook channels, Instagram, Vimeo, and YouTube.

Individual producers may also distribute their programs through their own media distribution channels (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, their own websites, etc.)

MNN does not have access to Nielsen TV ratings.

Does MNN accept "commercials?"

MNN accepts sponsor messages or :15 and :30 that are in keeping with our non-commercial nature. Those include both non-profit and for-profit sponsors. Sponsor messages must be in alignment with the below guidelines: 

Message Guidelines

The purpose of sponsor credits is to identify the funder in the interests of transparency, not to promote the sponsor or its products and services. The on-air appearance and overall effect of sponsor messages and credits must be in keeping with MNN’s noncommercial nature.

MNN retains the authority to interpret language, visuals, and other elements in order to maintain our noncommercial standards. MNN’s decisions are final.

  • Sponsor Name or Logo:
    • All sponsors must be identified in video by their name and/or logo. If a logo by itself does not include the sponsor's name, the sponsor’s name must be identified in audio or video.
    • A sponsor may not be anonymous. 
  • Additional Information in a Credit:
    • Besides identifying the sponsor clearly by name and/or logo, a credit may contain some additional information to help identify the sponsor.
    • Political campaign messages beyond a general “Get out the vote” message and advocacy/political position messages are not permitted. 
  • For an individual show/series: acknowledgments can only happen at the beginning and/or end of the program.
  • Total time of sponsor acknowledgments should only be a maximum of 60 seconds.

Sponsor messages can include:

  • Value-neutral descriptions of a product line or service
  • Brand and trade names and product or service listings
  • Pictures or videos of specific products
  • Location information, including telephone numbers, web addresses, social media handles, QR codes
  • Logos

Sponsor messages should not include:

  • Direct calls to action (e.g., "come in today and take a test drive")
  • Superlative descriptions or qualitative claims about the company, its products, or its services (e.g., "the most intelligent car ever built")
  • Direct comparisons with other companies, or with other companies' products or services
  • Price or value information (e.g., "only $160 down and $160 per month," or "7.7% interest rate available now," "affordable," "discount," or "free")
  • Inducements to buy, sell, rent, or lease (e.g., "six months' free service when you buy," or "guaranteed for life")
  • Endorsements (e.g., "recommended by 4 out of 5 doctors for headache pain")
  • Demonstrations of consumer satisfaction (e.g. “I loved it!”)
  • Political campaign messages or position statements

Examples of acceptable messages:  

“This program is brought to you with the generous support of ABC Corporation.”

“Thanks to Famous Jeff's Pizza for sponsoring this show.  Famous Jeff's specializes in hand-tossed pizza, delivered to your door in under 30 minutes.”   

“Milo-Fisher Paints has provided generous support for the following presentation. Located in Washington Heights, they're the answer to all your art supply needs.“

“Funding for this program has been provided by The Widget Company, located at the corner of 38th and 10th in the Hudson Yards District of Manhattan. The Widget Company has been making silver widgets for 25 years and are proud supporters of local programming. For more information: (212) 555-1212 or “