Media Education

How do I find out more about media education/classes?

Media education at MNN is part of the NYC Center for Media Education. You can find our latest classes at  or contact the Media Education department by emailing education [at] or calling 212-757-2670 x312.

How can I register for classes?

Click here to see our latest class schedule and register.

When are your classes and how long are they?

We offer a variety of courses in studio skills, editing, audio, podcasting, and virtual video production. Our classes range from single-day workshops to multi-session courses. We typically offer daytime and evening classes and sometimes we provide weekend sessions to accommodate varying schedules. Please click here to learn more about the courses offered through MNN/the NYC Center for Media Education.

What is your waitlist policy for classes?

If you see a class listed as "full" on our website, you can contact us for more information regarding our waitlist and standby options. 

Can I sign up for more than one class at a time?

Students may register for multiple classes at a time. We generally recommend students take one course at a time due to the intensive and technical nature of the classes.


How can I have a show on MNN?

Are you creating media that you’d like aired on our channels and streamed live on our website?

Anyone can submit a show to MNN at any time by following the steps here and following to our technical requirements.


What are MNN's technical requirements for media submissions?

All submissions must meet the following technical requirements:


For SD programs:

File Format: MP4, MOV, MXF or WMV

NTSC Standard Definition (SD)

Resolution: 720x480i in 4:3 aspect ratio

Frame Rate: 29.97 frames per second

Audio Sample Rate: 48.0 kHz

Stereo Audio


For HD programs:

File Format: MP4, MOV, MXF or WMV

Resolution: 1920x1080i

Frame Rate 29.97 frames per second

Audio Sample Rate: 48.0kHz

Stereo Audio


Only one program per file should be submitted.

Pre-roll/color bars/countdown are not needed at the beginning of the program. 

A half-hour show will air for a total of 28 minutes and an hour-long show will air for a total of 58 minutes. Short Form programs must be between three and seven minutes in length.  

We will not air submissions that have noticeable video dropout, no video, or extremely low audio, as well as files that do not meet our requirements.

What can I put in my show?

MNN supports the right of all people to freely express their opinions, views, and ideas in an equitable, respectful and safe environment. We celebrate authentic voices and quality programming that expresses the lived experience, unique perspectives and interest of each person.  

It is a violation of our Programming Policies to advertise or sell products or services; use copyrighted material; show animals or humans being injured or killed; libel anyone; or show hardcore pornography, such as penetration or any genital contact. Any shows with other types of adult content or language must be aired after 11:00 P.M.

If you feel that the content you wish to air would be considered “questionable", please review our Programming Policies or reach out to us with your questions at

When are my shows due?

Episodes for programs that have already been scheduled are due at the Library four (4) days before they are scheduled to air and can be submitted via MNN's Upload Center.

212-757-2670 x302

Business Hours: Monday – Friday, 12pm-8pm
Saturday: 10am-4pm
Sunday: Closed

Thursday programs are due on Saturday by 4pm;

Friday programs are due on Monday by 8pm;

Saturday programs are due on Tuesday by 8pm;

Sunday programs are due on Wednesday by 8pm;

Monday programs are due on Thursday by 8pm;

Tuesday programs are due on Friday by 8pm;

Wednesday programs are due on Saturday by 8pm.

Late submissions will not be played. Programs submitted after they are due will be considered for the next scheduled air date.

If the due date falls on a closed holiday, programs must be submitted on the business day before the holiday. MNN observes all national holidays. Any program submitted after closing counts towards the next business day.

What is the difference between a Series, a Single and Short Form Program?

A Series is a weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly program that has a regular time slot on MNN's channels. We generally schedule new Series shows within two weeks of application. Every episode must be either 28-minutes or 58-minutes long.

A Single show is a pre-produced broadcast that appears only once on MNN. We generally air Single shows within one week of application. A Single show can be 28-minutes or 58-minutes long.

A Short Form program is a program whose duration is between three and seven minutes. Short Form programs will be treated as a type of “Special” by the MNN Programming Department and not as a Series.

For more information please reach out to

Can I start a series at anytime?

Anyone can submit short form media content or a single television show for airing at any time. Likewise, sponsors can make a request to obtain a regular time slot to air a series of related programs on MNN channels at any time. To learn more, please review our Programming Policies or follow these directions.

What facilities does MNN have for producing a program?

See a list of our available production facilities and equipment here.

How long do I have to complete a project using MNN's facilities or equipment?

Once you start a project with our facilities and/or equipment, you have three months to complete a show. A good public access show usually can be shot in a weekend and edited in two or three days.

Who owns the rights to my program?

You give us the right to air your program, but all ownership rights belong to you. Please read our Program Agreement to learn more.  

What exactly do you mean by "advertising"?

We do not allow advertising on MNN’s public access network stations. By “advertising,” we mean that you cannot use MNN to sell a product or service. However, you can give credit to services rendered for your show. Please read the details of commercial programming restrictions in our Programming Policies for more information.