Chris Gethard Presents 206: "Comedy Amateurclass Vol. 2" with Martin Urbano

Martin Urbano teaches his second ever Comedy Amateurclass.
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This week on MNN: Soulful jazz on “GingerNewYork,” politics and fitness on “Gotta Run with Will,” Alain Bin Naim and “Aladino,” and “The Facts: Carolyn as a Scapegoat, Part 2”

February 23, 2015

Actor, singer, writer Leigh Fitzjames on “GingerNewYork,” State Senator and long-distance runner Bill Perkins on “Gotta Run with Will,” and celebrity interviewer Alain Bin Naim and his weekly show, “Aladino.” Plus the conclusion of “The Facts: Carolyn as a Scapegoat, Part 2.”

YC Spotlight: #KnowYourRights #WorkingtheSystem

February 19, 2015

The Youth Channel covers the recent “Beyond Knowing your Rights” event—where community leaders, lawyers, and family members who’ve lost others to police violence gathered in prayer, remembrance, and information-sharing.