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The Election Show on MNN: Episode 10

Host Dr. Christina Greer sits down with political strategist Matt McDermott and political analyst Lincoln Mitchell to discuss how the #2020Election will be less about the two-party system between #Republican and #Democrat, and more about saving the democracy of America.

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This Week on MNN: Back in the saddle

May 9, 2016

Kick off your week with “The Facts: The Fix Is In,” followed up by “My Life with Tina Hill,” about taking a gamble on NYC dating. “The Special without Brett Davis” takes the reigns midweek, with “Gotta Run with Will” galloping behind. Next around the bend comes “Royal Lady,” with “GingerNewYork” on...

This Week on MNN: Goodbye, Washington; Hello, New York

May 2, 2016

Watch “The Woman’s Connection” for an important conversation about pelvic health, then tune into “The Facts” for a music-story about personal and office politics. “The Special without Brett Davis” gets you over the mid-week hump with a quartet of comedy. Later in the week, “Royal Lady” hosts Bronx...