This Week on MNN

Learn how to develop a tailored production plan that leads to higher quality videos.
Develop advanced video production skills with guidance from a professional MNN instructor at this Wednesday's video producer lab
This week on MNN, begin your journey as a certified community producer and attend your first orientation.
This week on MNN, discover how to bring graphics to life in Adobe After Effects CC. Students will learn how to create a 3D motion graphics package for their TV show.
Tomorrow, award-winning producer Chante Graham will host a MediaMaker Meetup at 59th Street Studios that will show producers how to enter their work into media festivals.
To learn tips and tricks that will help improve your video producer skills attend the How to Become a Successful Producer workshop this Thursday.
Get acess to MNN's state-of-the-art video production equipment, studio spaces, and advanced classes by becoming a certified community producer.
Stories help us communicate with and entertain one another. The best stories have tightly structured narratives that lead toward a singular goal and uncover a fundamental truth. This process can be challenging, especially when you operate alone. Later this month, we are hosting a meetup for Certified Producers who would like to improve their storytelling ability. A select group will have the...
This Friday, March 1st at 6:30 p.m. we will start off National Women's History Month with a screening of She's Beautiful When She's Angry.
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