Zoom HI! DRAMA: Interviews: Erin Cronican (The Seeing Place). Craig Smith (Phoenix Theatre Ensemble) Plugs: Open Tho Shut (Theater for the New City), They Chose Me (Lyrics by Michael Colby and Music by Ned Paul Ginsburg), Broadwaycon (April 16-18). Adjust the Procedure reviewed by Jan Ewing. Feature...


Zoom HI! DRAMA: Saturday, March 13th from 1:30-2:00pm on Spectrum Ch.56, RCN Ch.83, Fios Ch.34, Streamed live on  http://www.mnn.org (Click on MNN#2)  INTERVIEWS: Phil Poggiali (Yonkers Public Library)  Mary Ann Penzero (Penzero Productions) Susan Charlotte ( Food For Thought Productions and Cause...


Zoom HI! DRAMA: Interview with David Lefkowitz, Publisher of Performing Arts Insider and Dave's Gone By podcast, Bina Sharif performs her original prose/poem, Jan Ewing talks about his latest edition of Ewing Reviewing 2020. and our Feature with Jay Michaels: Indie Influencer


Zoom HI! DRAMA Interviews: Anthony Laura and Rand Faris (Face To Face Films) and Steven Carl McCasland (Little Wars) Also talked about Falling Stars in rep with Little Wars from Ginger Quiff Media. Feature: Indie Influencer (Jay Michaels) Plugged Performing Arts Insider


Zoom HI! DRAMA: Interviews: Erica Gould (Artistic Director/Performer) and Ezra Knight (Narrator) for Salon Sanctuary's Babylon.  Next is Wil Petre Creator and Host of his Social Alchemix (Live)!) Reviewer's Corner: The Approach reviewed by Eva Heinemann.  Mustard (Origins First Irish Festival...


Zoom HI! DRAMA: Interviews with Gary Morgenstein (Black and White Cookie) and Beck Lee (Pangea and Origins First Irish Festival)


Zoom HI! DRAMA Interviews: Jaclyn Biskup & Dianne Nora (Journey Around My Bedroom) Jay Michaels (Channel I ) REVIEWS: Estella Scrooge A Christmas Tale with a Twist, Meet Me In St. Louis (Irish Rep), Audra McDonald (New York City Center Gala), Sondheim Unplugged (54 Below), Stop-Motion (Parity...


Zoom HI! DRAMA Interviews: Ian Belknap (The Acting Company), Bruno GIraldi (RIIIchard

Six Great Tutorials for Adobe Premiere

September 19, 2022

Adobe Premiere Pro is an expansive video editing program that's regularly updated with new or modified features every year, which can make it difficult for content creators who are looking to improve their media making skills to keep up. Fortunately, our fellow content creators have been sharing...