Gay USA 5/13/2020

Two great pioneers lost — trans activist Aimee Stephens and the king of rock and roll, Little Richard. ∎ Aimee Stephens, transgender hero, dies before Supreme Court rules on her case. ∎ Little Richard, the father of rock ‘n’ roll who died at 87, brought gay flamboyance to 1950’s America. ∎ US...

Gay USA 2/5/2020

"Pete Buttigieg's boom, the State of the Union, and special guest Judith Kasen-Windsor (Edie Windsor's widow)."

Gay USA Episode 946

Gay USA HIV/AIDS panel — fascinating discussion with longterm survivors on their personal and political issues

Gay USA Episode 945


Rights & Reactions — a great 1987 documentary on the pitched battle for a Gay Rights Bill in New York City

Gay USA: Queens County Elects Queer Latina for DA

Woman that identifies as Queer Latina elected District Attorney in Queens county • African-American person head of human rights campaign • talking with Queer Liberation March organizers... and much more!

Aired June 27th, 2019