YC Spotlight: No More Silence, End Gun Violence

From wars to gangs to movies and now mass shootings–we cannot avoid seem to get away from the mechanism that houses bullets. For decades the United States’ Second Amendment, The Right to Bear Arms, has been up for debate. Many feel that people have exploited their rights of possessing a firearm, and are pushing for age restrictions, background checks, and alien status before purchasing the weapon.

In all honesty, no one should have to walk down the street full of candles, or get up earlier to make it to class on time because they have to wait in line to get their belongings scanned for weapons. Statistics show that armed crimes happen much less frequently in gun-free zones (this means domestic violence, suicides, and murders). So what else can we do to prevent gun violence? Join Youth Producers in “No More Silence, End Gun Violence,” as they speak with professionals and challenge the second amendment.

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