YC Spotlight: How to be a Queer Ally

In 1899, a German psychiatrist claimed to have turned a gay man straight, half a century later members of the LGBTQ+ underwent lobotomies and/or electroshock treatments as a form of conversion therapy. In the 1960’s, riots started in response to police targeting people for their sexuality–and that’s when the gay liberation movement began.

Today, all members of the LGBTQ+ community are allowed to get married, and are now protected by the law from homophobic harassment. Yes, we have made some progress in getting equal rights for all, but we more work to do. This year, President Donald Trump has banned trans troops from joining and participating in the US Armed Forces. People across the world are being prosecuted or murdered for public displays of affection with anyone of the same sex.

In honor of Pride Month, join Queer Justice! host Je’jae Daniels as they highlight injustices and human rights violations happening to Queer/Trans people in America and across the globe. Learn about the various social epidemics LGBTQ+ individuals face as a result of rejection, cultural biases, homelessness, suicide, conversion therapy, violence, and more. Plus, hear from Sergio Osoria, a Latinx, gay Dominican man working as a Peer Recruiter at Project STAY, and how you can become a queer ally.

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