YC Spotlight: Dogs of New York City.


Must love dogs!  Join Raymond, co- host of Slime, as he speaks with dog owners across the city walking their furry friends.


Tune in for a smile as pet love owners share the joys of being a pet parent. “Dogs are a human’s best friend,” no matter what. A student’s dog was known to eat her master’s homework. That’s devotion. What better excuse for not completing an assignment. But then there’s the responsibility of pet ownership, i.e., the poop. A good dog owner always picks that up.

You will see Sienna, a Logotto Romagnolo, an special Italian dog breed known as a Truffle Dog. They scurry around the forests in Europe and North America to sniff out the delicious and very costly truffle. Can your dog dig for treasure?

But then again, dogs don’t care about money and fine cuisine. Based on the wagging tails in the video, fun and licks are enough!  Watch cute dogs talk (bark) and do fun tricks in Central Park.

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