Throwback Thursday: Oz Pearlman On "Gotta Run with Will"

If you're a fan of "America's Got Talent" on NBC, you've probably seen Oz Pearlman on the show this summer. The former Wall Street banker has traded in his briefcase and desk job to pursue his career as a mentalist and has been wowing the judges, as seen in his recent appearance. He's set to compete in the show's semifinal round, which starts on September 1.

But before Oz was on NBC, he was wowing MNN Community Producer Will Sanchez on "Gotta Run with Will" and today we have a Throwback Thursday clip from Pearlman's first appearance on GRWW where he leaves us all asking: "How does he DO that?" 

Check out Sanchez's "Pearlman Chronicles" playlist, which includes clips from "America's Got Talent," Pearlman's appearance on GRWW's 100th episode in April 2015 and clips from interviews with Pearlman's father Samuel, who gives some insight into what drives his son.

Gotta Run with Will" airs Thursdays on MNN3 (TWC 1997, RCN 84, FiOS 35 and streaming live). You can check out the 99 other episodes on"Gotta Run with Will's" YouTube channel.