Slime: The Satisfaction Of Your Creation


Holiday songs are playing. Lights are blinking. Hot chocolate is in the air. While love, hope, and peace are the true ingredients for a joyous holiday season, what else could we want? Slime!  Sliming, unlike other passive trends that have boomed online, lead to real-world play.  


Check out MNN’s “Slime” on the Youth Channel. Join the fad and experience holiday stress relief with your kids. Watch co-hosts Raymond and Erica as they cook up gooey recipes for homemade slime. Get out the glue and glitter, and enjoy the satisfaction of your own creation.


Watch now and tune in to the Youth Channel every weekday at 6pm on MNNHD (Spectrum 1993), MNN4 (Spectrum 67, RCN 85, FiOS 36) or streaming live on