On the Next Represent NYC: Protecting New York's Most Vulnerable Communities

As Governor Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio’s funding feud continues, urgent projects are falling by the wayside and New York City’s elderly, poor and undocumented citizens are left to fend for themselves.

This Sunday on “Represent NYC,” Council Member Keith Powers talks with Bitta Mostafi (NYC Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs) about how the city can more efficiently use its resources to protect immigrants. He asks NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer about the city's plans to close Rikers Island (are they realistic?) and takes a deep dive into the latest reports on bail reform and NYCHA.

Tune in this Sunday, April 15, at 7pm on MNN1 (Spectrum 34 & 1995, RCN 82, FiOS 33), MNNHD (Spectrum 1993) or streaming live on mnn.org!