Race to Represent: District 30 Debate

Next week on Tuesday, voters in NY State Senate District 30 will be casting their vote in a special election to replace Bill Perkins. 

Watch as candidates Brian Benjamin (Democrat) and Ruben Vargas (Reform) face off in lively debate about the issues facing their districts such as affordable housing, voter reform, constitutional conventions and more. A third candidate, Dawn Simmons (Republican) was unable to attend.  

This debate was moderated by Elinor Tatum, publisher and editor-in-chief for the Amsterdam News. For more information about this special election visit lwvnyc.org

Tune in Sunday at 7pm on MNN 1 (FiOS 33, RCN 82, Spectrum 34 & 1995), MNN HD (Spectrum 1993) or streaming live online at mnn.org.