NY'S Affordable Housing Universal Rent Control Bills

From gentrification to eviction and homelessness, the housing crisis has taken a toll on the mental and physical health of many New Yorkers. Landlords across the state have been abusing their rights to raise rents, evict without cause, and add major capital improvements (MCIs). Tenants have had to fight to be heard because of unfair rent reforms, and decades later, lawmakers still can’t seem to get it right.

Today, people–like Jumaane Williams–have taken it into their own hands, once again, to march and protest any tenant abuse from their landlords and the almost expired NY rent-stabilized apartments. Nine bills have now been introduced in the New York State Senate and Assembly to address what tenant activists call "loopholes" and mean a major rent reform. These 9 bills make up Universal Rent Control which would affect both New York City and the rest of the state in various ways.

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