MNN’s “Something to Offer” Celebrates 26 Years on Public Access TV!

Growing up, MNN community producer, Anne Marie Offer loved watching talk shows. She idolized iconic hosts like Mike Douglas and Phil Donahue and even dreamed of hosting her own talk show one day.

Fast forward 26 years and Anne Marie is living that dream as the host of her very own talk show “Something to Offer" on MNN. From household names to everyday people, “Something to Offer” aims to share inspiring stories about people who have worked hard to achieve their dreams.

Since starting the show in 1990, Anne Marie has interviewed over 600 guests including activist Rosa Parks, former New York City Mayor Edward Koch, actress Linda Dano and so many more. She began filming in-studio at MNN’s 59th Street Facility in 1998 and has also traveled around the country to interview guests on-location.

“I’m a conduit for people to tell their stories and their stories should be heard,” said Anne Marie. “My show is an affirmation for the work that they do.”

In addition to hosting and producing her show, Anne Marie has used the skills she learned in MNN’s certification classes to shoot and produce a full-length documentary called “Sister Servant: A Call to Commitment.”’

“MNN encourages people to keep growing,” said Anne Marie, “and I want to encourage people to go after what they want to do too, no matter how big or small.”

Producing and hosting her own show has become one of Anne Marie’s deepest passions in life. She enjoys everything from researching her guests before the show to editing episodes after filming.

“I want to let people know about other people in the world; it’s the greatest gift for me,” said Anne Marie. “It’s been a great ride and it’s not over yet.”

Don’t Miss a Special “Something to Offer” Marathon this Friday!

As Women’s History Month comes to a close, we’re celebrating with a special block of “Something to Offer” featuring interviews with influential women of the past and present including Rosa Parks, Mother Perry, Geraldine Ferraro, Lisa Gay Hamilton and Zazel Chavah O’Garra. Tune in on Friday, March 25 at 12pm and 10pm on MNN2 (FiOS 34, RCN 83, TWC 56 & 1996 or streaming live).

Catch new episodes of “Something to Offer” at its regularly scheduled time every Saturday at 7:30pm on MNN2 (FiOS 34, RCN 83, TWC 56 & 1996 or streaming live) and on MNN's HD Community Channel (TWC 1993 or streaming live).