Clip of the Week: Women's Equity Forum

Thursday, March 8th marked the annual celebration of International Women's Day to honor the myriad female figures who have made significant contributions to society-- aka all women ever. But while we uphold women once every year, the rise of gender-based movements against discrimination and violence shows that there is still a long way to go before women's contributions are considered valuable. Filmed on the edge of Election 2016, the Women's Equity Forum assembled women of color, including MNN's Zenaida Mendez, to talk about the rampant inequalities women still face, and what society looks like when women's voices are ignored. The panel, featuring Rose Pierre-Louis, member and Board of Directors of Eleanor’s Legacy; Kimberly Peeler Allen, Co-founder of Higher Heights; and independent writer Stacy Parker Le Melle, discuss the intersections that affect the specifically because of combined sexism and racism. Watch the whole panel now.


-- AK