Clip of the Week: What's At Stake In Losing #DACA

The White House's decision to rescind Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals (DACA), wherein children of undocumented parents who emigrated to America are allowed to remain in the country and receive work permits if they are enrolled in school or the military, brought fear and outrage to the millions of immigrants who face deportation back to their countries of origin that are largely unknown to them. This means losing everything they've built and having to start over, many times without the support of family and friends.


After the 2017 Presidential Inauguration, MNN and Free Speech TV hosted a panel of advocates, scholars and lawyers Black Alliance For Just Immigration, The Center for Constitutional Rights, The Northern Manhattan Coalition For Immigrants Rights and more to discuss the situation that is unfolding now: what happens if undocumented immigrants are forced to leave America. The fallout in New York specifically includes loss of businesses, a potential public health crisis as DACA recipients would lose health insurance, and the destruction of whole communities and neighborhoods that immigrants have built. While Latinxs are the largest recipients of DACA protections, they recognize that this decision will impact all races and religions, and that the faces of immigration are very diverse. Advocates also discuss the concept of New York as a sanctuary city, and that while we boast of being a protector of the undocumented, our criminal justice system often criminalizes and deports undocumented immigrants for minor offenses. Watch now.


-- AK