Clip of the Week: What It Means To Be Transgender

More blows to democracy and freedom were inflicted when several transgender women reported that the State Department had retroactively declined their passports, despite the fact that their new identities had previously been acknowledged and governmental paperwork approved prior to the White House's rise in anti-LGBTQ legislation. As Attorney General Jeff Sessions ramps up his initiative to persecute LGBTQ individuals under the guise of "religious freedom," we are at a time when progress is creeping backwards and the most marginalized continue their never-ending quest to be treated like human beings. While those squawking for religious freedom fumble to make America great again, the rest of us wonder if our constitutional rights will protect us from discrimination and violence.


In this Clip of the Week, hosts Jen Furer, Rachelle Ocampo and Cristina Pastor of Makilala TV interview Vannah Ranoa, a makeup artist, and Alana Dillon, a model, who are transgender women who discuss their lives, facing discrimination, expectations upon them, and how their relationships changed once they transitioned. Watch the whole episode now.