Clip of the Week: The Wage Gap and Gender Equality

We celebrated Equal Pay Day 2018 on April 10th as a reminder that women are still doing the same work that men do, but for less money. On average, white women earn .80 cents to their male counterparts' $1, while Black women earn .63 cents and Latinas earn .54 respectively. While many believe the gap in salaries between men and women are shrinking, in our current political environment, it's difficult to determine whether women will achieve parity as legislative attempts to undermine women's autonomy are underway.

In this Clip of the Week, "State of Women in NYC," hosted by Christina Greer, assistant professor at Fordham University with guests Erica Ford, Ashley Emerole, Karina Aybar-Jacobs and Alexis Grenell, discussions surround obstacles to women's economic mobility are hindered by, amongst many things, the burden of domestic labor that goes unpaid. What can be done to create more opportunities for women in the workplace? Watch the full episode now.


​-- AK