Clip of the Week: “No Boundaries: Up Close and Personal”


LGBTQ issues have been increasingly making headlines of late, particularly in light of President Obama’s recent transgender directive in school restrooms. As we celebrate Pride Month this June, our Clip of the Week features the first transgender artist to host her own talk show. Watch “No Boundaries” as Ron B hosts a pair of special guests that each reveal their unique journeys and backgrounds.


Writer/photographer Alina Oswald discusses her long tenure at A & U magazine, a literary and arts journal that as the first AIDS magazine now covers the cultural response to the pandemic. And during the second half of the show, Los Angeles transplant and model and actor Adam Davenport talks about his struggle to become an actor, his strained relationship with his parents and surviving conversion therapy at the age of 13, and his unique relationship with the talented actress Melissa Leo.


Watch now.