Clip of the Week: Israel and Palestine

This week, Trump motioned to move America's Israeli embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and declaring the latter holy city as the country's capital. While the decision is being boasted as an act of peace for the region, as America has long mediated between the two, it has re-ignited decades of conflict between Jews and Palestinians as the people of Palestine have long advocated Jerusalem as the center of their state. Violence has already broken out at the Gaza/Israel border, and Muslims have expressed global disheartenment. This decision will likely destabilize the region with unrest, as Palestinians have endured human rights violations, systematically demonized and exiled from their own land after Israel's illegal occupation, and international ties are at stake as USA is currently the only country to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's. Global consequences are on the precipice.

On this clip fo the week, Professor Jim Vrettos of John Jay College hosts The Radical Imagination on the idea of peace between Israel and Palestine with guest Rabbi Michael Lerner, co-founder and editor of Tikkun Magazine, as they discuss Israel's right wing government and systemic oppression that is the source of violence and inequality, and if America can truly serve as an unbiased mediator. Watch the full episode now.