Clip of the Week: How Can Feminism Save the World?

After an unprecedented number of women and women of color got elected into office in the November 2018 Elections, other women were inspired to run for President in 2020. The diversity on the ballots confirmed the desire for change in representation, but what should this new generation of leaders advocate for?

"State of the World from a Feminist Perspective” held a panel including Sanam Naraghi-Anderlini, Founder and Executive Director of ICAN; Ejim Dike, Human Rights Advocate; Artist, Curator and Activist Andrea Arroyo and Radhika Balakrishnan from Rutgers University to discuss “How Can Feminism Save the World?”

Watch as the feminist panel discusses fiery topics–the rise of gun violence and how school shootings have become normalized; the budget rearrangement in order to pay for the U.S.-Mexico border wall, racism and bigotry towards minorities, the negative effects of President Trump’s tax cuts, the Green New Deal, and the role of “traditional” white men in power vs. the new generation of feminists.

Watch full video: