Clip of the Week: “Gay USA: Gays to March for St. Patrick’s Day Parade”


It’s St. Patrick’s Day, when we all turn a little Irish, and the day unravels in NYC full of festivities and frivolity. But even a day as typically light-hearted as this one comes with its own controversies, as along with St. Patrick’s Day parades nation-wide come a history of controversy surrounding who gets to march and participate.


Watch this week’s “Gay USA” and find out more about the Boston LGBT group, OUTVETS, that was banned from this year’s parade until public outcry led to a reversal of that decision. Plus hear updates about other LGBTQ news from this week, including the U.S. State Department sending two anti-LGBTQ groups to represent the U.S. at an international women’s conference, set-backs in anti-LGBTQ legislation passed this week, and an analysis of the Affordable Care Act repeal and proposed replacement plan.


Watch now.