Clip of the Week: The Death of Local News

Nearly one month ago, five journalists at Annapolis, Maryland's Capital Gazette were killed in a mass shooting by a man with a history of attacking journos for reporting on his criminal behaviors. This week, and what has been a trend for the past several years, media giant TRONC slashed half the staff writers at NYC institution New York Daily News, another blow for local media after the recent loss of DNA Info and the newly-resurrected Gothamist, amongst many more local news outlets across the country. The rise of "fake news" has been disastrous for journalism and journalists, who are now considered enemies of the state for attempting to tell the truth, as the White House gaslights the world into not believing the formation of an authoritarian state right before our eyes. In addition, while social media has been a tremendous source for news, especially from independent publications reporting news that mainstream media does not cover, platforms like Facebook are under fire for not setting standards or posting warnings about false  stories being reported as truth, leading to the spread of propaganda and fueling hatred against marginalized communities and culminating in increased physical and political violence. How can the public stay well informed when powerful entities are attacking our avenues of expression and truth?


In this Clip of the Week, Lincoln Mitchell, political analyst and author of “The Democracy Promotion Paradox,” talks with Amsterdam News Editor-in-Chief Elinor Tatum, and Haaretz writer Marisa Fox about the slow death of journalism as reporters and local news become endangered species. As our President makes not-so-veiled attacks against anyone who speaks out against his dangerous adminstration that is needlessly harming its own citizens, how can we, as advocates for authenticity, protect the First Amendment? Watch the full episode now.