Clip of the Week: “The Artists Forum: AFTV”


This February, the “Out of Bounds: Freedom of Expression” exhibit opened at the Blue Door Gallery in Yonkers. The curator, Shelita Birchett Benash, a multi-media artist, interviews exhibit participants Anthony E. Boone, mixed multi-media artist, and Noel Donaldson, painter from the Bronx, in this episode of “The Artists Forum: AFTV.”


Pushing the boundaries of art and exhibition as the name of the exhibit implies, guests were invited to engage directly with the artists and their works through QR codes which led to short films and videos by “Out of Bounds” digital storytellers, and a corresponding Facebook page, Tumblr blog, and Twitter account so viewers could actively participate digitally with artists. The exhibit featured artists who were “fearless in their use of materials, methods, and applications.”


It’s an engaging discussion among three artists pushing the boundaries of expression and creativity. Watch now.