Video Editing (Adobe Premiere CC)


Prerequisites for Video Editing (Adobe Premiere CC):

Cost: $25

The key to good storytelling is good editing. In this course, students will learn basic editing techniques to produce engaging, high-quality media. Using professional digital editing software, this course will explore basic video and audio editing, importing and exporting footage, and applying basic transitions, titles and effects.

Upon successful completion of this course you will be certified in Basic Video Editing and be able to reserve MNN’s editing stations to edit your MNN programs.

Note: Students must supply their own headphones for use during this course.

TESTOUT OPTION: If you have existing knowledge of Adobe Premiere CC and would like to discuss testing out of this certification course, please click HERE to contact the Media Education department. *Note: All prerequisites must be met BEFORE requesting the option to test out.

Download the Adobe Premiere CC Handbook 

Note: You will need a PDF reader to view this file. You can download Adobe Acrobat for free here

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