MNN Staff & Board

Manhattan Neighborhood Network

Daniel Coughlin - President & CEO
Samoya Nicolas - Executive Assistant
Parmila Phillips - Chief Financial Officer
Greg Sutton - Managing Director of Access Services
Mindy Huertas - Manager of HR & Administration
Ivan Alves - Facilities Coordinator
Lana Milis - Business Manager
Juanita Hall - Receptionist (Daytime)
Noel Crooks - Receptionist (Evening)
Broadcast Operations
Hector Peña - Manager of Broadcast Operations
Frankie Mateo - Media Librarian
Keith Bethea - Master Control Operator
Ruth Herrera - Tape Librarian
Jordan West - Master Control Operator
John Gordon - Master Control Operator


German Gonzalez Assistant Engineer
Manhattan Neighborhood Network Productions
Victoria Bert - Public Affairs Producer
Frances Bruey - Associate Producer of Public Affairs
Jay Silverman - Manager of Media Acquisitions
Barbara Niveyro - Media Acquisitions Coordinator
Richard Swanson - Post, Production & Video Promotions Coordinator
Media Education
Tiffany Blount - Manager of Media Education
Ronnie Bass - Education Coordinator
DaShawn Pretlow - Education Coordinator
Production & Facilitation
Leon B. Taylor Manager of Production and Facilitation
Cory Brice - Production Coordinator
Richard Speziale - Studio Coordinator
Eny Hanson - Field Coordinator
Brian Breton - Production Coordinator
Anna Charles - Production Coordinator
Malik Parker - Production Coordinator
Ryan Stillwaggon - Production Coordinator
Jeannette SantiagoProgramming Director
Dulce Mateo Scheduling Coordinator
Saemus Rodriguez - Director of IT
Craig Sinclair Digital Media Manager

MNN El Barrio Firehouse Community Media Center

Zenaida Mendez - Director
Doris Tavarez - Adminstrative Manager
Mindy Atiles - Part-time Receptionist (Evening)
Antony McPherson - Facilities Coordinator
Fredy Pinto - Production & Studio Manager
Carla Robles - Production Facilitator
Tiffany Hill Rock - Production Facilitator
Ruth Acevedo - Production Facilitator
Shawnelle King - Manager of Youth Media Center
Courtney Bledsoe - Administrative Assistant
Joey Thompson- Youth Media Educator & Trainer
Richard Garrick - Lead Youth Producer
Andre Manning - Youth Production Coordinator

MNN Board of Directors

Rachel Watanabe-Batton - Chair
Bill Chase - Treasurer
Damian Benders - Vice-Chair
Chey Blake - Secretary
Herb Boyd
Jim Fenhagen
Peter Frank
Terry Lawler
Cynthia Lopez
Eddie Silverio
George Stoney - Emeritus (1916-2012)
Dan Coughlin - President & CEO, Ex Officio





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