Having an online presence is the key to successfully promoting your show. Build an audience and generate a conversation by sharing air dates, photos and clips from the show on your personal social media accounts or set up accounts specifically for your show.

Here are the platforms we recommend:

Twitter: Craft short 140 character posts about upcoming air dates, guests, topics and more. You can add short video clips, a photo or gif to make your posts more interesting. For logos and other brand resources, click here.

Facebook: Give descriptions of upcoming episodes, share photos or upload short promos to get your audience excited about watching the show. For logos and other brand resources, click here.

Instagram: Post photos or short video clips from the set of your show or a graphic that details when and where people can watch.

YouTube: Upload show segments and promos to your own YouTube account. Share it with fans of your show or let people discover it on their own by tagging videos with relevant key words.