Raising the Bar with the MBBA

"Raising the Bar with the MBBA" is a talk show focused on pressing legal issues facing many communities in New York City.  

Hosted by Jason Clark, the President of the Metropolitan Black Bar Association, and attorney Adeola Adejobi, the show invites legal experts from around the city from various fields to discuss complex matters affecting various urban communities. 

This panel of experts will break down everything from immigrant rights to civil rights; from consumer protection to criminal justice reform. 

The Metropolitan Black Bar Association is the largest association of predominantly African American attorneys in New York.  

The show hopes to start a dialog and answer common questions; advance equality in the pursuit of justice and address legal issues affecting New Yorkers.  

Tune in every Sunday at 7:30 pm MNN1 (FiOS 33, RCN 82, Spectrum 34 & 1995) and MNN HD (Spectrum 1993). Streams live on https://bit.ly/2RvYYuH


Previous Episodes

New York’s rent-stabilized apartments will expire on June 15, 2019. Will New Yorkers be forced out of the Big Apple if new rent control bills do not pass the State Senate?
Should low-income Americans be left sitting in jail simply because they cannot afford to pay cash bail?
College graduates are entering adulthood with massive amounts of Student Debt,but how can we combat the epidemic?
In this day and age, marijuana has become normalized, but why are minorities still being targeted for the use and possession of it?
Lock them up and throw away the child, is this how the current system views our youngest inmates?