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On July 10th and 11th four station staff and four developers came together in St. Paul, MN to draw up the road map for the next 12 months of a long standing collaborative project, newly relaunched as Community Media Advanced (CMA). Staff from Manhattan Neighborhood Network ,...
MNN El Barrio Firehouse Community Media Center Will Host Graduation Ceremony for Summer Youth Program Participants. Manhattan Deputy Borough President Matthew Washington will deliver the keynote speech and thirty four young producers will present their final video projects.
Some of the largest media corporations in the world are looking privatize the internet and new FCC Chair Ajit Pai is on board. Find out what's at stake this Thursday at 8pm on MNN-FSTV.
Immigrant communities and families across the country are living in fear of what’s next. Find out what's at stake this Tuesday at 8 pm on MNNElects.
Free Speech TV (FSTV), a nonprofit, national, independent news network, announces the upcoming broadcast premieres of five new weekly programs that will run from January 31 - March 2017. The shows are produced at Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN), the country’s largest community media center.
News about MNN's partnership with Free Speech TV