For this installment of Clip of the Week, we’d like to turn your attention to “Access for All,” an interview program dedicated to public issues and advocacy. Hosted by progressive blogger and author Heather Wokusch and produced by director and editor Gloria Messer, the show won a Hometown Media Award for Cultural Perspectives in June of this year.
Juan Gonzalez, co-host of MNN’s flagship program, “ Democracy Now! ,” is marking an exciting anniversary : For 25 years the investigative journalist has been digging up scoops and uncovering scandals as a muckraking http://www.nydai
"Media Funhouse," airing on MNN for 20 or so years, is the brainchild of Ed Grant, who spends much of the half-hour screening and salivating over '60s art films and French New Wave cinema. Ed's enthusiasm is contagious (his delivery is funny and bombastic) and his knowledge is great (he has a penchant for the trashy). In 2009, The Village Voice hailed "Media" as the Best Public-Access Show.
For this edition of Clip of the Week, we bring you a vid aimed at helping you find quality entertainment during this holiday week. Farihah Zaman and Jenni FDB, hosts of herFLiX , give expert feedback on the movies you'll be choosing from when you hit the multiplex.
Ready to add yet another face to the dynamic cast of characters MNN has introduced you to? We’d like to direct your attention to Rao Rampilla , actor, playwright, and producer and host of MNN’s “Bollywood to Hollywood with Rao Rampilla,” a talk show dedicated to giving voice to New York’s lesser-known personalities and passions.
"Carol & Joe's Xtra Ordinary Life" addresses family challenges, disabilities and the triumph of art and achievement. Hosted by a mother and son, this quirky show is both informative and inspiring. Tune in on the last Monday of every month at 7:30 PM on MNN2! Next airings: 12/24 and 1/28.