There’s a ton of hard work and talent behind each and every program broadcast on MNN. What’s the best way to do justice to the fruits of your labor? Let more people know about it. That’s why on Thursday, April 18, MNN is hosting a free webinar on how to use social media to boost your show’s audience and interact more effectively with your viewers. The class also covers how to streamline these efforts—so you get the perks without a lot of extra hours or hassle.
Welcome back to Clip of the Week , a weekly MNN highlights blog series we’ve had going for 5 months and counting! Today we bring you “ No Rules Allowed ,” a popular variety show hosted by comic, writer and actor Qualah. The program offers candid, entertaining conversations among viewers and guests on everyday issues like relationships and exes.
Happy spring, everyone! New season, new month, and a new installment of our popular new blog series MNN Diaries , a collection of written-form Q&As that allow us to get to know MNN producers and hosts on a more personal level. Together, these posts offer a clear picture of the diversity of MNN’s programming—and of the people behind it.
"Taxi Talk," hosted by cabby Michael Higgins, is a talk show aimed at both drivers and passengers of NYC's taxis. Like Higgins' newspaper and radio program of the same name, the show tackles issues both technical (fares, hearings) and social (sexism, company rivalries), shedding light on what happens between points A and B.
Women’s History Month is often discussed with references to past movements (voting rights in the early 1900s; bra burning in the 1960s) and big names (Sandra Day O’Connor; Amelia Earhart). But at MNN, “power to the people”—including to women—and the positive change that comes with that mission is happening every single day. March is coming to a close, so we reached out to MNN producers to find out how their shows honor women during Women’s History Month and all year round. Here’s a snapshot—leave us a comment about how your show nods to women’s history, too!
MNN producers, ready for an awesome way to gain exposure for your work—and to win up to $2,000? Smithsonian Magazine is requesting submissions for its In Motion documentary video contest, and entering is free! Videos should be no longer than 10 minutes and created since January 1, 2012. Submissions will be judged in the categories of nature, arts, travel, people and mobile. The judges’ top picks have the chance to win cash and be featured in Smithsonian in Motion, the website’s new video series.