YC Spotlight: Legendary DJs Help Revitalize NYC Street Culture with Summer Park Jams

Welcome to our very first installment of "YC Spotlight," a new weekly blog series dedicated to highlighting the innovative, dynamic media produced by talented young people at MNN's Youth Channel.

Our first featured video offers an authentic flavor from NYC's summer scene: the popular Park Jams held by Tools of War, a grassroots hip-hop collective. According to organizers, park jams used to be a common offering across a wide array of city parks on summer weekends.

Find out why the gatherings have dwindled in recent years, and what's being done to bring hip-hop back to its roots-- the city's streets, sidewalks and blocks on hot summer days. The video features an interview with New York Times journalist David Gonzalez about park jams in the 70s, and how street culture in general has changed since then.

Check it out for awesome footage of the 2014 Park Jams, including comments from neighborhood residents and plenty of b-boy and b-girl moves.

About MNN’s Youth Channel

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