YC Spotlight: “#Allin4Relief"

Today's "YC Spotlight" turns our attention to immigration policy-- one of several youth-oriented themes the smart producers at MNN's Youth Channel explore and document with their work.

In "#Allin4Relief," young people participating in the advocacy campaign New Yorkers for Real Immigration Reform gather at Baruch College in Manhattan to urge President Obama to provide immediate administrative relief to undocumented people around the country. Youth from organizations including John Jay DREAMers, New York Immigration Coalition, Make the Road New York talked about the ways in which the U.S.'s current immigration policy is affecting their families and communities. The video also features footage of encounters between young DREAMers and politicians who play a role in anti-immigrant policies.

Watch the video for a for-youth-by-youth take on one of the biggest sociopolitical issues being debated today.

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*Photo by Nevele Otseog/Flickr via Wikipedia Commons